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Will Bonsai Leaves Grow Back?

Anyone who has been around bonsai trees knows they can be very delicate, meaning issues can spring up at any time. 

And, of course, a problem with your bonsai can be quite distressing since you’ve put hours of work into growing and grooming your tree. 

Yet, bonsai leaves may grow back if the tree is healthy and has enough strength and resources to recover. 

But, you will have to determine what caused the leaves to drop in the first place and ensure you have resolved the problem. 

If you don’t, the tree may not recover, or the complication will reoccur.

In this article, I will explain why bonsais lose their leaves and how to diagnose and fix foliage loss. 

Will My Tree’s Leaves Regrow?

Once you have solved the problem that caused the tree to shed its leaves, it should start to regrow them, provided the damage wasn’t so major that it killed the tree.

However, it may take some time for the tree to start growing new leaves, so be patient and keep tending to it.

In the meantime, make sure your tree is getting enough light, has sufficient fertilizer, and you water it regularly to ensure it has all the resources it needs to re-grow.

Properly caring for your plant will encourage it to put out new foliage and start recovering its usual appearance.

Yet, if your bonsai has lost a lot of leaves, it will take longer for it to recover than if it has only lost a little bit of foliage.

Remember that your tree uses its leaves to produce food for itself. 

Thus, the fewer leaves it has, the less food it can make.

And not being able to produce food will reduce your bonsai’s ability to grow new leaves quickly. 

So, the worse off your tree is, the longer it will take to recover because it simply doesn’t have enough food to grow fast if most of its leaves are gone.

However, you can help counteract this issue by ensuring its leaves get plenty of light. 

But make sure you don’t burn the leaves. 

Therefore, find out whether your tree likes direct sun, indirect sun, or low light before choosing where to put it.

If you can’t increase the amount of natural light your plant gets, though, consider using a grow lamp to supplement the daylight.

Just make sure you turn the light off at night, as plants do need a period of darkness. 

Yet, this extra light will give your tree a boost during the day, especially if it’s winter and the natural light levels are low.

Why Do Bonsai Trees Drop Their Leaves?

There are many reasons that a bonsai may drop its leaves, and identifying the issue will be crucial to saving your plant.

Generally, your tree might drop its leaves for any of the following reasons:

  • Over-watering
  • Under-watering
  • Pests
  • Too much sunlight
  • Too little sunlight
  • Diseases
  • Stress

Some bonsai trees also shed their leaves due to seasonal changes.

For example, if you have a deciduous bonsai tree, such as an oak, a maple, or a fruit tree, it is likely to lose its leaves in the winter, just as its full-size counterpart would.

And luckily, you don’t need to worry about leaves that fall off due to seasonal changes. 

But any other leaf shedding should prompt you to investigate the issue so that you can resolve it as soon as possible.

You will therefore need to inspect your tree to determine what is wrong with it.

Diagnosing Common Bonsai Problems 

If you haven’t been giving your tree enough water, regaining leaves may be as simple as providing your plant with a good drink and making sure it doesn’t get too dry in the future.

Or, if you’ve given it too much water, you may need to trim off rotten roots, repot it in some fresh growing medium, and dry it out to prevent root rot. 

And remember that over-watering can be a much bigger issue than under-watering and may kill the bonsai if you don’t solve the problem quickly.

Additionally, you should inspect the leaves for signs of sun damage. 

If the leaves are brown or spotted with crispy edges, your plant is getting too much sun.

Conversely, if the leaves are pale and the tree stretches toward the light, it is getting too little sun.

Look out for pests and diseases too, and treat your tree if you find them. 

These common ailments will quickly do major damage to a tiny plant such as a bonsai.

So, check the undersides of the leaves for things like aphids, thrips, mealybugs, scale insects, and spider mites.

Also, look out for odd leaf patterns or curling that could indicate a disease, and make sure you take action as soon as possible if your plant is suffering.

How Can I Encourage Bonsai Tree’s Leaves to Regrow?

The first thing to do is to identify and correct the problem that caused the leaves to fall in the first place. 

And until you have addressed this issue, no other methods will work to restore the leaves.

Thus, check to see whether your tree has any other problems by using the diagnosis process above.  

Also, if your tree is sick due to poor conditions, it becomes more vulnerable to pests and diseases, so there could be secondary issues as well.

Therefore, carefully monitor your bonsai to ensure you have fixed any complications. 

Then, when you have dealt with all of the potential problems your tree may be facing, you should focus on making its conditions as suitable as possible. 

Good conditions will ensure the tree is happy, stress-free, and able to rebuild itself.

So, find out what conditions your tree likes and provide these to the best of your ability.

Overall, supplying your bonsai with the best care should be all it needs to start recovering and regrowing its leaves.

If it has enough light, water, and food, it will soon put its energy into producing more foliage so that it can continue to grow.

And remember that if your tree has lost its leaves due to the season, you don’t need to do anything.

The leaves should start to regrow as soon as the days get longer and the weather warms up.

Simply wait patiently, and the buds should soon appear.


Bonsai trees can lose their leaves for a range of reasons, and the first thing you need to do is determine what’s upsetting your tree. 

Once you have corrected the issue, the bonsai should hopefully start to regrow its leaves, especially if you have been prompt about resolving the problem.

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