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Do Bonsai Trees Need Sun? (How Much?)

Bonsais are different from their large counterparts in many ways. 

Thus, you may be wondering whether they need sunlight to grow and, if so, how much should you give them?. 

Bonsai trees must have sunlight if they are going to grow.

In fact, some bonsai species will only grow outdoors, where sunlight is plentiful. 

Remember, bonsais are just tiny trees, and trees evolved to grow outdoors with the sun shining on them all day.

In this article, we will talk about how much sun bonsais need and what happens if they don’t get any light. 

How Much Sun Do Bonsai Trees Need?

Bonsai trees need around 5 or 6 hours of sunlight each day. 

However, the amount of light they need can differ depending on the species.

Some trees like lots of direct sunlight, while others prefer indirect light. 

But all need exposure to the sun to survive.

Thus, you cannot grow a bonsai in a dark room or in a spot with minimal natural light. 

So, make sure you have a suitable spot for the tree before you bring it home.

What Happens if a Bonsai Doesn’t Have Sunlight?

If you deprive your tree of sunlight completely, it will likely die in just a few days.

Bonsai trees cannot survive without sunlight, and if the tree never gets any, it will not be able to produce food for itself.

And, just like you, if the plant doesn’t get food in its system, it won’t last long. 

Yet, some trees will survive longer than others without sun, but even a healthy bonsai will quickly succumb if you never provide it with any light.

Additionally, you should know that if you don’t give your bonsai enough light, it will probably survive but remain small and sickly.

It might not even grow at all. 

Your bonsai might also become leggy and overgrown on the side that faces the light because it will concentrate its growth in this area.

Thus, little or no light will not give you a healthy, attractive tree. 

So, it’s critical to make sure your bonsai gets sufficient natural light each day.

If your bonsai is currently not getting enough light, consider moving it to a new spot or providing it with a grow lamp.

Unfortunately, though, keep in mind that growth lights are not ideal, so your plant may not look its best in these conditions. 

However, a growth light will be better for your tree than growing in the dark.

Do Bonsai Trees Like Direct Light?

Whether your bonsai tree likes direct sun or not will depend on its species. 

So, you will need to do some research to find out what your tree likes. 

Some bonsai trees prefer to get the full heat of the sun for several hours every day, and they will soak it up happily.

But, other bonsais will burn if you put them in direct light, and their leaves will start to turn brown and crispy.

These plants will die if you don’t correct the conditions. 

Therefore, if you have this issue, consider putting up a thin curtain or moving the tree a short distance from the window to reduce the amount of direct light hitting the leaves.

And remember that getting the right light level is almost as important as ensuring that the tree has light at all. 

Thus, make sure you look into your bonsai tree’s requirements and tailor the environment to suit it as much as possible.

An ideal environment will ensure you get a healthy, happy bonsai that grows at a good rate and fills out into an attractive shape.


Bonsai trees certainly do need sunlight, and a tree that doesn’t get enough sun will grow very slowly or cease growing entirely. 

Therefore, you should generally put your tree somewhere that it can get at least 5 hours of natural daylight each day.

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