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How To Display Bonsai Trees Outdoor?

Correctly displaying a bonsai makes a big difference in how the tree looks outside, but it’s easy for a bonsai’s beauty to be lost outdoors. 

When the rest of the world is big, and you want to draw attention to a miniature, you’ll have to work hard. 

But, with some proper placement, you can definitely show off your bonsai tree outside

If you are displaying a bonsai tree outside your home, you will need to choose a nice container and find something to stand it on so that the tree is a focus point. 

You also need to think about how you want to arrange the surrounding space so that the tree is at the center of the viewer’s attention.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to display a bonsai outdoors so that everyone can see the tree that you’ve worked so hard to perfect. 

What Are the Basics of Displaying a Bonsai Outdoors?

When displaying a bonsai outside, there are a few things to consider, such as your container, stand, and space.

All three of these factors make a significant difference in how your bonsai will appear in your garden, so it’s crucial to think about each of them. 

The container affects how the bonsai tree looks both indoors and outdoors, while the stand will alter the angle at which people view it.

The space your tree is in, meanwhile, will determine how much the bonsai stands out against its background and whether it looks “right” in your garden. 

Therefore, it’s essential to think about this aspect too.

Choosing the Best Stand

The stand that your bonsai sits on is important to pay attention to because it will determine how elevated your bonsai is and how well people can see it.

You want a stand that will also work well with your bonsai’s pot. 

For example, if you have chosen a natural terracotta container, you might like a stone stand or something made from concrete.

Alternatively, a wooden stand could provide a nice contrast if you have a white or colorful container.  

Meanwhile, a metal stand will work well with a “masculine” pot and bring a touch of austerity to the tree.

Altogether, you should think of your stand as part of your bonsai tree’s overall look. 

Therefore, choose it with as much care as you would any other aspect of the tree because the stand is critical to appearance.

Many people opt for hand-carved tables because these are unique and will continue the theme of love and care that most bonsai growers are so proud of when it comes to their trees.

But, just make sure that whatever stand you choose is tall enough to lift your bonsai to a suitable height so that you and others can see it. 

Many people elevate their tree to eye level, but if you would rather have it lower, that’s fine too.

As long as you are making a conscious decision about how you are displaying the tree, the stand you pick should work.

Should You Use Poles for Platforms?

Many bonsai trees appear displayed on a pole rather than on standard tables or benches.

The thickness of the pole may vary, but poles are a great way to ensure the emphasis remains on the tree rather than its platform. 

A pole also ensures that you can choose whatever height you like.

If you are going to use a pole for your tree’s display, make sure you have driven it into the ground so that it cannot fall. 

Additionally, you should securely fasten the tree’s pot to the platform at the top of the pole to prevent any risk of tipping.

Where Should You Put an Outdoor Bonsai?

Choosing where to place your outside bonsai is also critical. 

You need to think about the background and the overall effect of the position you choose.

For many people, a bonsai belongs in the center of the garden because this gives it the importance it deserves and helps build an atmosphere of balance.

However, you can also stand your bonsai against a wall or in any other focal point where you think it will look its best.

Furthermore, you should think about what appears behind your bonsai when it is in position and make sure that this background doesn’t detract from the tree.

For example, a bonsai will not look great when displayed against a cluttered or very dark background, especially if it is a variety with dark leaves.

On the whole, a pale and minimalist backdrop works best because this allows the viewer to focus on the tree and ensures they can see the tree’s details.

You can put other things near your plant if you don’t want to spotlight the bonsai, but make sure they look in scale and don’t steal from your tree’s beauty.

And finally, surrounding your bonsai with larger plants might seem like a good way to accentuate its miniaturization.

But often, the result will just be that the plant disappears into the rest of the foliage.

Think About the Weather Conditions

You also need to think about the plant’s health and well-being when choosing its position outdoors.

If your bonsai tree likes a lot of direct sunlight, you will need to put it somewhere that it can get this, rather than being overshadowed by taller plants or buildings.

Or, if your bonsai prefers indirect sunlight or less sun, you will need to make sure you are providing some shade to protect it from the sun’s heat, especially in the middle of the day.

If you don’t provide the right lighting conditions, your bonsai will start to look sick, which will ruin the display no matter what you do.

So, think carefully about your tree’s preferences, and make sure you protect it from weather that could damage it. 

You can also, of course, bring it into a greenhouse if you are worried about a storm or dangerous weather conditions.


How you choose to display your bonsai outdoors will depend upon the space you have and the aesthetic you have built, but in general, you want a neutral, plain background. 

You should also think about the container and the stand and ensure that both are suitable for the tree.

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