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Can You Bonsai an Apple Tree? (Step by Step Guide)

If you were to look at a bonsai tree, which is pretty tiny for a tree and growing in a pot, no one would blame you for wondering if it would be capable of producing fruit. 

But the truth is, most types of trees are compatible with bonsai, including a number of fruit trees.

Yes, you can bonsai an apple tree, and it’s not actually much different from the way you would bonsai any other tree. 

The process is very similar, though there are some specific things to consider when you bonsai an apple tree, such as its water and nutrition needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you can bonsai an apple tree and how to do so. 

Why Can You Bonsai an Apple Tree?

The art of bonsai is all about training trees to grow into a miniature size. 

And there’s nothing stopping one from doing this with a tree that bears fruit, like an apple tree. 

That said, some fruit-bearing trees are not ideal for bonsai for one particular reason: you cannot control the size of the fruits.

When it comes to bonsai, you can control the size of almost every aspect of the tree. 

You can trim the leaves, limit the space for the roots, and control the stem and the branches, but the size of the fruit from any particular tree is something you cannot manipulate.

So, if you were to bonsai a tree that naturally has large fruits, it would look disproportionate to the rest of the tree, which is all miniature. 

You could still bonsai those trees if you wanted to, but the proportions would be off.

That’s why it is better to bonsai trees with smaller fruits, like apple trees. 

Although technically speaking, it might still make for a bigger bonsai than some other tree species.

How Do You Bonsai an Apple Tree?

For the most part, the bonsai process for an apple tree is about the same as any other tree. 

After all, aside from the point in time when the tree is actually bearing fruit, it’s pretty much just a standard tree. 

Thus, you would prune it and care for it the same as any other bonsai.

That said, you do need to water fruiting trees pretty frequently, and you must keep their soil moist (not soaked, but moist!). 

You also can’t forget about nutrition since fruiting trees tend to require a bit more nutrients, considering the fruit they bear.

For that reason, I recommend giving your apple bonsai some liquid fertilizer twice a month. 

However, you should not give this fertilizer to the tree during the period in which it is actually fruiting.

Is an Apple Tree a Good Choice for Bonsai?

Just because you can bonsai a tree doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. 

So, is an apple tree actually a good choice for bonsai? 

Well, in fact, apple trees are actually an excellent tree for those who are new to bonsai. 

That’s because they grow quickly and are easy to find at nurseries if you don’t want to start from seed.

And the fact that they grow quickly is what really makes them perfect for beginners. 

If you mess up while pruning the tree and get a result you don’t like, it won’t take terribly long for the tree to grow back, giving you another chance to make things the way you want them.


You can use fruit trees like the apple tree for bonsai, just like you can use trees that do not have any fruit. 

However, fruiting plants need a little more care and attention. 

So, make sure you water them well and know the unique needs of the particular tree species.

Thus, overall, you can definitely bonsai an apple tree.

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